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At Atwood Accounting Services, our success is built upon personal integrity and the commitment to providing you with the highest level of service possible, at a reasonable price, while paying strict attention to the details.

Client Letter

Dear Clients,

            This letter will be different because of the arrival of the COVID Virus.  I hope you have all been safe and well.  We got through the initial lock-down last spring with your help and understanding.  Our family did not escape the impact of the virus, because my 81 year old mother died of complications of COVID.  The mortuary provided a service on Facebook so I did not travel to Billings for the funeral. 

            We will endeavor to make this tax season as safe as we can.  We have installed plastic barriers at the front counter and also one at my desk.  We will require anyone entering the office to wear a face mask.  If you must enter the office, remember to social distance.  Should the government requirements change, we will post that information on the front door.

            Here are limited exposure options, for giving us your tax documents.  Please feel free to include any notes, comments or questions you may have, and I will call you or enclose a written answer with your tax return:


  1. Mail
  2. Email
  3. Drop it into the new larger secured mailbox located at the back door.
  4. Drop it into the box, marked “TAXES,” inside the front door.
  5. Drop it off, inside the office, at the front counter.

      I would prefer to discuss your tax information on the phone or via Zoom meeting after you drop it off.  I will call you if I have any questions about your documents.  If you really feel it necessary to talk to me in person, please make an appointment.    

      We still intend to complete your tax return within the normal 14 days.    Please let us know, if you would prefer to have your tax return mailed or emailed to you, and we can accommodate that at no extra charge.  It is vital that we receive ONLY the required documents listed on the enclosed Questionnaire, so that we don’t have a lot of papers to mail back to you.  

      Here are limited exposure options, for picking up your tax return:


  1. Mailed to you, with enclosed instructions for returning the signature form.
  2. Emailed to you, with enclosed instructions for returning the signature form.
  3. Call to have it delivered to your car for signing.
  4. Pick up inside the office at the front counter to sign.
  5. You may call for after hours or Saturday pick up, to sign.

      I have made changes to the enclosed Questionnaire to make it easier for you to use.  Please include the Stimulus Letter which indicates the amount of stimulus money you received with your other tax documents.

      As of now, the due date for tax returns is April 15, 2021.  Be aware that any tax information brought in after April 1st will result in an Extension.  The extension is only an extension of time to file, NOT an extension of time to pay your taxes.  The IRS and the State of Montana will charge interest and penalty if payments do not accompany the Extension Form if you owe.  I can create the accompanying payment form, if you so desire.

      I want to thank you all for helping me complete another successful year in business.  I wish you all a Happy New Year.  All of us look forward to seeing you in 2021.




Terry L. Atwood, CPA


Tax Questionnaire

Please take a moment and download this form, as it will help you be better prepared when you visit our office:


Tax Questionnaire

*This form(s) are in a PDF file format which will require Adobe Acrobat to be
installed on your computer. It can be downloaded and installed at

Privacy Notice

Privacy Statement

Protecting your privacy is at the core of our business. We have a Code of Ethics and Conduct designed to prevent misuse of this information. Your personal information from your tax organizers, worksheets, questionnaires, applications, financial documentation, interview and telephone conversations are not disclosed to anyone, except as required by law or to facilitate filing your tax return. We value your trust and handle your information with care. We update and test our security and electronic security safeguards. We educate our employees about the importance of confidentiality and customer privacy through standard operating procedures. We encourage you to call, write or email us if you have any questions about your privacy.

Terry L. Atwood
Certified Public Accountant

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